Concrete has been used a construction material for centuries. It is one of the most appropriate materials for paving walkways, curbs, gutters, bollards, catch basins, walls and ramps. London Paving has extensive experience in maintaining and repairing these structures and can advise you on your options for on both concrete and asphalt paving

Portland cement

Portland Cement is made in 5 categories:

Type I: General purpose cement.
Type II: Used in general construction a good choice for installations in warm weather climates.
Type III: Used when high strength is desired at very early periods.
Type IV: Low heat portland cement. Used in massive structures such as dams.
Type V: Is used in areas where soils or nearby waters have a high alkali content.

Making concrete is a skill; it must be mixed properly and care has to be taken during the curing process. London Paving will be able to give you recommendations on the best materials and processes for your needs.

Concrete Removal & Replacement

Unfortunately, once the mix has been laid and dries, it begins to age. Without ongoing maintenance, water can enter through cracks, freeze and create holes.. If this happens, the best method of repair is to simply remove and replace the affected material.

Concrete Bollards and Bumper Blocks

Many parking lots have concrete blocks to guide and protect traffic flow across concrete and asphalt paving. These are known as bollards or bumper blocks. Eventually, these structures age or become damaged and can be both unsightly and hazardous.

Damaged blocks will be taken away and disposed of correctly by London Paving - new blocks will be installed and pinned into place.

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